ASMR - Fighting for our Children and Families Rally & Vigil Held October 20 in Keene

(Keene, NH) The second annual rally intended to send a message decrying
bullying, especially teen suicides due to anti-gay bullying, will be held on
Thursday, October 20, Central Square, Keene, NH. This year, six young men
ages 13-18 and three young women ages 14-16 took their own lives when
constant harassment in their schools and communities, coupled with lack of
hope and support, converged to create circumstances beyond their capacity to

AIDS Services for the Monadnock Region will host a rally, speak-out and
candlelight vigil from 6-9p in the gazebo, downtown Keene. Participants are
asked to wear purple, the color representing spirit on the Pride Rainbow
Flag and begin gathering at 5:30, program at 6p. Candles will be provided.

Invited guests include 2011 Miss New Hampshire, Regan Elizabeth Hartley of
Dover whose focus is to speak out against bullying; Fred Karger, making
history as the first openly gay U.S. Presidential candidate; and Roberta
Barry, National PFLAG Board.

Agency Board Chair, Arne Grandell, believes that everyone must do more to
stand in unison against homophobia and bullying to ensure this tragedy does
not happen in the Monadnock Region. “These young adults chose to end their
lives because they did not feel safe. They lost hope and we lost their
contributions to the world all too soon. No one will ever know the exact
moment when it became too much for them to bear, but we do know how to
change the dynamic.”

The following individuals who committed suicide will be remembered: Justin
Dimino, age 16 of New York, died 1/9; Lance Lundsten, age 18 of Minnesota,
died 1/15; Kameron Jacobsen, age 14 of New York, died 1/18; Tiffani Maxwell,
age 16 of Pennsylvania, died 1/15; Nicholas Kelo Jr, age 13 of Ohio, died
2/23; Haylee Fentress, age 14 and Paige Moravetz, age 14 of Minnesota made
a ‘slumber party suicide pact, died 4/16; Andrew Silvers, age 17 of
Georgia, died 8/16; Jaime Rodemeyer, age 14 of New York, died 9/18.

For more information, call the agency at 357-6855. AIDS Services for the
Monadnock Region is funded in part by the Monadnock United Way, City of
Keene and Broadway Cares.