CEI Daily - Obama's Infrastructure Bank Proposal and NASA

Infrastructure Bank


Yesterday, the House Subcommittee on Highways and Transit held a hearing on Obama's infrastructure proposal.


Research Associate Luke Pelican comments.

"Though not an entirely novel concept, the idea is that by funding massive projects to improve our national highways, water systems and energy infrastructure, jobs will be created and the economy will rebound. This $10 billion project would be overseen by a new bureaucratic entity, the American Infrastructure Financing Authority (AIFA)."




NASA is talking about the risks of decrewing the International Space Station.


Adjunct Scholar Rand Simberg comments.


"If the ISS really has so little value that it is not worth risking lives for, then we should abandon and safely deorbit it now, so we stop wasting more billions going forward. If it is valuable, then let’s start treating it that way. If the astronauts aren’t willing to risk their lives for it (I’m sure they are) then we’ve had the wrong selection criteria for astronauts. But I don’t think that the astronauts are the problem. The politicians, both within and outside the agency, are. It’s just one more bit of evidence for my ongoing thesis — that space is not important."