NHDP - ICYMI Editorial: Baldasaro shows he can't serve all veterans

Past time for O'Brien, Bettencourt, and the NHGOP to remove Baldasaro as Chair of the Veterans Affiars Committee or state if his comments are the official position of New Hampshire Republicans


Concord, NH - In a scathing editorial today, the Derry News echoed the calls of New Hampshire veterans and more than 700 people disgusted by State Representative Al Baldasaro's recent comments about an American soldier serving in Iraq, asking for him to be removed as Chair of the Veterans Affairs Committee in the State House.[10/5/201110/6/2011; Petition].


Last week, Rep. Al Baldasaro remarked that a member of the military "disgusted" him and that he thought it was "great" when the audience boo-ed the soldier because of his question about the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy at the Republican Presidential Debate. [10/3/2011]


"Speaker William O'Brien needs to consider whether Baldasaro is the right person to lead the Veterans Affairs Committee. Clearly, he is not," wrote the Derry News. 


The editorial also repeatedly called Rep. Baldasaro's comments "disgusting," and added that, "It's disgusting that an elected representative would approve of the booing of a soldier - any soldier - serving in a combat zone. It's disgusting that Baldasaro, a Marine veteran, does not honor the military service of a fellow American. Tell us, Al, if - God forbid - Hill takes an al-Qaida bullet for his country, will you still be disgusted by him?"


The Derry News concluded, "It is truly appalling that someone in Baldasaro's position would support the booing of a soldier. Baldasaro should apologize for his ill-considered comments and step down from the chairmanship of the Veterans Affairs Committee."


The more than 700 petition signatures for Rep. Baldasaro's removal can be found here, and the full text of the editorial is below.