Protect New Hampshire's 1st in the Nation Primary Status


Verona, PA - Former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) made the following statement in support of the New Hampshire pledge to boycott the Nevada caucus.
Senator Santorum said, "I will gladly make the pledge initiated by New Hampshire activists, Speaker O'Brien and Senate President Bragdon for the Presidential candidates to boycott the Nevada caucus.  Nevada's move has potentially forced the other early states to have primaries near Christmas - and that destroys the primary process.   I firmly believe that we must protect New Hampshire, the other early primary states and the proven presidential primary process.  
To be clear, I will not campaign in Nevada nor participate in the Nevada caucus if it doesn't move its primary date.
New Hampshire has a rich tradition of rewarding the messenger with the right message - the candidate who shows a real commitment by listening to voters and outlining their positions in town halls and living rooms.  Conversely, forcing New Hampshire and perhaps Iowa into having their elections in December will reward those like Mitt Romney who prefer to rely on slick TV ads to hide their less than conservative records.
If New Hampshire voters are forced to vote during their Christmas shopping - they need to remember who's the culprit of the compressed calendar.  Last week, news reports showed Nevada's former governor admitted that Mitt Romney was pushing the move.  We all want to win the election, but I'm not willing to push a state to break the rules to favor my campaign."

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