CEI Daily - Corporate Taxes and Genetically-Engineered Salmon

Corporate Taxes


Despite the fact that corporations pay a great deal of taxes, many are still trying to limit corporate rights.


Senior Counsel Hans Bader comments.

"It is odd to see the media disparage the idea of a corporation having rights, given the fact that media companies constantly invoke the First Amendment and other constitutional rights, like the right to a public trial. The most important First Amendment cases in the past half century have been brought by media companies, such as New York Times v. Sullivan (1964), which overturned a damage award against a media company for libel (and in the process radically cut back the reach of American defamation law), and New York Times Co. v. United States (1971), which ruled in favor of two media companies seeking to publish the Pentagon Papers. Most constitutional rights have been held to apply to corporations (and corporations in general, not just media corporations)."


Genetically-Engineered Salmon


The FDA has approved AquaBounty's genetically-engineered salmon.


Senior Fellow Greg Conko comments.


"If the ISS really has so little value that it is not worth risking lives for, then we should abandon and safely deorbit it now, so we stop wasting more billions going forward. If it is valuable, then let’s start treating it that way. If the astronauts aren’t willing to risk their lives for it (I’m sure they are) then we’ve had the wrong selection criteria for astronauts. But I don’t think that the astronauts are the problem. The politicians, both within and outside the agency, are. It’s just one more bit of evidence for my ongoing thesis — that space is not important."