FREIND: Romney MUST Address Mormonism

"Mitt Romney MUST Address His Mormonism"


"...He is Republican, pro-defense and hawkish on the War. He is also an unabashed
Christian, although his particular sect is viewed with suspicion and prejudice.
Oh, and he's running for President.

Based on the recent firestorm that erupted when a pastor called a presidential candidate’s
religion a “cult,” it seems clear that we're talking about Mitt Romney and his
Mormon faith. But we're not. The above description referred to none other than
Dwight D. Eisenhower --- a Jehovah's Witness for most of his life.

Eight years later, it was John F. Kennedy defending his Catholicism.

Now, it’s Romney’s turn. But he is taking a “leap of faith” by deliberately avoiding
discussion about how his Mormonism influences his values, and how he views the relationship
between religion and government.

During the last presidential campaign, Romney made a strategic mistake on the religion
issue. It wasn’t that he didn’t address his Mormonism, because he did. The problem
was his timing. And he seems about to make the same mistake...

As both Eisenhower and Kennedy proved, it's the man, not the religion, who will carry
the day. But that distinction doesn’t come from rolling over. It is earned. Time
will soon tell whether Romney understands that lesson..."

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