New DNC Video: "Temporary Little Band Aids?"

New DNC Video: "Temporary Little Band Aids?"

Mitt Romney may think tax cuts for the middle class to the tune of $1,500 per year for the typical family is just a temporary little Band-Aid, but in the real world Americans know $1,500 is anything but a Band-Aid.  It's four months of groceries, seven months of gasoline and a full year's electricity bill.  It's a vacation or months of car payments. 

Clearly, when it comes to the middle class, Mitt Romney just doesn't get it.  Under his plans, Mitt Romney would extend more and more tax breaks to oil companies, millionaires and billionaires while raising taxes on the middle class.  But coming from someone who couldn't muster up the initiative to finish better than 47th out of 50 states in jobs when he was Governor of Massachusetts, perhaps no one should be surprised.

As part of "Operation Band-Aids" (  the DNC is going to make sure the American people know just how indifferent Mitt Romney is to the concerns of the middle class.  See below for our latest web video which puts into real terms what $1,500 in middle class tax cuts - tax cuts Mitt Romney opposes - would mean to American families.

Script and links below:

DNC VIDEO: "Temporary Little Band Aids?"






VO: President Obama's payroll tax cut would save American families $1,500 a year.

CHYRON: Save American families $1,500


VO: That's four months of groceries

CHYRON: Four months of groceries


VO: Over seven months of gasoline

CHYRON: Seven months of gas


VO: An electric bill, for an entire year

CHYRON: One year of electric bills


VO: So what does Mitt Romney call saving American families $1,500 a year?


MITT ROMNEY: "…temporary little band aids" [Bloomberg/Washington Post Debate, 10/11/2011]

CHYRON: "Temporary Little Band-Aids"


VO: Fifteen hundred dollars might be a band aid to Mitt Romney


VO: But to a middle class family, fifteen hundred goes a long way.


VO: Mitt Romney, he's wrong for the middle class

CHYRON: Mitt Romney: Wrong for the Middle Class


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