NH DHHS Warns of Potential Scam

Concord, NH – The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

(DHHS) Division of Family Assistance (DFA) is alerting residents about a

potential scam. DHHS received reports of ads on the internet. These ads

have been seen alongside legitimate articles, and claim to offer assistance

to people filling out applications for Food Stamps.

The links in the advertisements take you to another website where you may

be asked to provide personal information. If you see any ad on the

internet offering Food Stamp application assistance with a corresponding

link, DHHS advises you not to click on it, as the Department does not

advertise to offer application assistance in this manner. People can apply

for assistance on-line through NH EASY at https://nheasy.nh.gov a secure,

confidential website, or by visiting a District Office.

“We do not yet have any reports of this happening here in New Hampshire,”

said DFA Director Terry Smith. “However, we are taking steps to ensure the

public and local authorities are aware of this potential scam.”

This issue is under investigation. If you have questions about this,

please contact DHHS at 271-4243.

Never provide any personal information, including credit card information

on an unsecured Web Site. The information could be used to allow others to

make unauthorized purchases on your credit card or to gain access to your

bank accounts. Food Stamp employees or service providers will never ask

you for credit card information or for anything not on your State Agency