NHDP - #FITN News 10/17/2011

This Week's NH #FITN News & Headlines


Nashua Telegraph editorial: Is Romney to blame for primary dates?
Concord Monitor editorial: Romney's wrong on defense spending 
Union Leader: Romney targeted over 'Band-Aid' quote
WMUR: Huntsman, Santorum Say Romney Influencing Primary Schedule
Union Leader editorial: Cain on top: A self-made candidate
Valley News editorial: Catch 9-9-9: Cain's Regressive Tax Plan
Concord Monitor: Debate raises Cain
Union Leader: Paul stands up for property rights
Concord Monitor: Huntsman: Boycott Nevada
Union Leader editorial: Bachmann's excuse: Just doing her duty
Nashua Telegraph: Karger aims to make voice heard
Patch: Fred Karger, Ron Paul file [VIDEO]
Union Leader: Union Leader joins NBC, Facebook for next GOP debate on "Meet the Press"
Union Leader editorial: Undermining NH: By Undermining Bill Gardner
Valley News editorial: Simple Answers
Union Leader: Republican hopefuls address NH House
Union Leader editorial: Polling NH: Beware the predictions

State News & Views


Nashua Telegraph editorial: End efforts to repeal same-sex marriage

Union Leader: Occupy NH: Richest 1 percent have too much power

Portsmouth Herald: Obama campaign leader rallies Portsmouth Democrats

Derry News editorial: Baldasaro shows he can't serve all veterans