AFPNH - Fight for Granite State Property Rights!


First, I wanted to bring to your attention a New Hampshire Redress of Grievances Committee hearing that will take place this Thursday, October 20 at 10AM in Room 303 of the Legislative Office Building in Concord.

During the hearing, committee members will be presented with information regarding a dispute between a local property owner and the Town of Hebron Board of Selectmen, Avitar Associates of New England assessors, and the New Hampshire Board of Taxation and Land Appeals.

Among the issues under contention at this hearing will be the alleged faulty property assessment that one New Hampshire property owner is facing due to the arbitrary “View Tax.”

What more exemplifies the ability to “live free or die” than to own property and have that property fairly and accurately assessed and taxed?

The rights and fair treatment of one private property owner affect us all. I encourage you to attend this hearing if possible and show your support for all New Hampshire private property owners!

Second, a reminder that the House Special Committee on Redistricting is currently holding public hearings regarding redistricting. This process takes place once every decade, so please attend a local hearing if your schedule permits. Please CLICK HERE for more information including a list of scheduled hearings.

Third, last week the Massachusetts Senate passed a casino gambling bill that would authorize three “resort” casinos and one slots-only gambling parlor in the state.

Here in the Granite State, the New Hampshire House Ways and Means Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing on October 26 on HB 593 which could provide a vehicle for job creation and business tax reductions in our state through the controlled introduction of video lottery and table gaming in New Hampshire.

A number of House members have already made public their position on this yet-to-be-debated legislation. We hope that members will wait to see the final details of this legislation and make a decision based on what is best for the economic climate of our state. I encourage you to contact the members listed below and ask that they consider supporting the final legislation if it is in the best interest of New Hampshire businesses and residents.

Rep. Patrick Abrami - Phone: (603)772-3489, Email:

. Duffy Daugherty - Phone: (603)728-8635, Email:

. Norm Major - Phone: (603)382-5429, Email:

Rep. John McDonnell - Phone: (603)494-4521, Email:

. Keith Murphy - Phone: (603)471-3043, Email:

. Laurie Sanborn - Phone: (603)428-3985, Email:

. Wyman Shuler - Phone: (603)347-2011, Email:

, anyone interested in attending the Defending the American Dream Summit in Washington, D.C. this November 4-5 hosted by our national sister organization, Americans for Prosperity Foundation, can find information on general registration and event details by CLICKING HERE.

However, if you need additional information or have questions, please feel free to email either myself or Joy King and we will be happy to help.


Corey R. Lewandowski
State Director
Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire