NH House Speaker Comments on Credit Ratings Affirming New Hampshire’s Bond Rating

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CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien today offered the following comments in response to the top three national bond ratings agencies affirming New Hampshire’s bond rating.

House Speaker William O’Brien

“The fact that the three major credit rating agencies have affirmed the state’s good bond rating, at a time when the nation’s credit rating is dropping, is a sign of the fiscal responsibility that this new legislature brought to Concord.  The days of borrowing to offset operating costs, raising job-killing taxes and fees, and living well beyond our means by inflating revenues are over.  New Hampshire is returning to the type of limited government model that borrows rarely, and our rating reflects that.  However, we can do much more to shore up, and possibly improve, our bond rating by putting surplus funds into our depleted Rainy Day Fund, paying off debt and continuing the pro-growth economic strategies that we are now following.  There is more work to do, but this is a solid start.”