Romney claims to be home in N.H., now he must prove it by protecting the First in the Nation Primary

BRISTOL, N.H.—New Hampshire TEA Party leaders are calling on Gov. Mitt Romney to support his “home turf” and boycott the Nevada primary caucus if Nevada insists on undercutting the Granite State's First in the Nation Primary status.

“Gov. Romney is a man who owns property in New Hampshire and who claims to support New Hampshire traditions and values, but he has yet to show real leadership to defend those traditions and values by promising to boycott an untimely Nevada caucus,” said Andrew Hemingway, a Tea Party activist. “Because of New Hampshire's unique position as a small independent state that was also one of the 13 original colonies, the state's First in the Nation Status is essential to truly reading the pulse of the nation when it comes to electing our next president.”

Since New Hampshire is a geographically small state with a limited population, the state's First in the Nation Primary Status allows many candidates—and not just well-connected candidates—to campaign for the nation's highest executive office by meeting directly with and engaging in unusual one-on-one discussions with voters. Independent voters in New Hampshire have the ability to choose their party in the primary, ensuring a true reflection of the will of the people in the state's results as well as a strong starting point for primaries in the rest of the country.

Nevada is currently planning to undercut New Hampshire's First in the Nation Status by holding its caucus on Jan. 14. The move by a large West region state forces N.H. Secretary of State William Gardner to follow state law and move New Hampshire's primary into December when families are making their Christmas preparations.

“Just because Gov. Romney expects to perform well in Nevada should not give him license to destroy 100 years of tradition and New Hampshire state law, particularly because he will be disrupting New Hampshire residents' Christmas season in the process,” Hemingway said. “If Gov. Romney wants to show the nation he is capable of leadership and taking a position on any issue whatsoever, he should boycott the Nevada primary and respect a time-honored tradition based in good common sense.”


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