Friendlyfirezone - Hey Christie! Get Off the Pot!

This week's FREINDLY FIRE national column in Newsmax:

"Hey Chris Christie: Time To Get Off The Pot!"

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"Here’s a message to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie: take care of business or get off the pot. The “Is he running for president?” story has to end, right now. Your indecision is hurting the Republican Party, and, ironically, giving Barack Obama a much needed reprieve. The time for games is over…it’s In or Out.

..People may not agree with Christie, but they always know where he stands. As a result, he has achieved national status because he embodies what Americans crave: a leader refusing to dance the Political Two-Step to avoid tough issues.

Until now.

By sidestepping questions about his ambitions, for the first time, he looked…political. Dare we say it, but it almost seemed like he was doing the Trenton Shuffle.

And that’s not the Chris Christie we know. ...

if a candidate’s heart is not in a race, but he chooses to run anyway, it will be a total failure..."

An accredited member of the media, Chris Freind is an independent columnist, television
commentator, and investigative reporter who operates his own news bureau,

Highlights of his work include:

• Being the lead global journalist reporting on British toddler Madeline McCann's
disappearance in Portugal--- and holding parents accountable.
• Breaking the story of secretive bailout talks between Philadelphia Media Holdings
publisher (owner of the Inquirer and Daily News) and (former) Gov. Ed Rendell, resulting
in aid offer being withdrawn; immediately thereafter, PMH filed for bankruptcy.
• Exposing the Delaware River Port Authority's (DRPA) fiscal irresponsibility/ mismanagement
and conflicts of interest, resulting in the forced termination of high-ranking officials
and criminal investigations.
• Bringing to light how a prominent Philadelphia lawyer and political powerbroker
was “representing” dead people in election law cases, resulting in an (ongoing) criminal
• Highlighting Gov. Rendell's intimate relationship with Comcast and Ballard Spahr
(his former and now-present law firm), and large campaign donors, focusing on millions
in secretive, no-bid state contracts and grants received by such entities.
• Examining highly-questionable practices of two leading candidates in Philadelphia
District Attorney race; both men were later cited by the Philadelphia Ethics Board
for these activities. A criminal investigation into one’s law firm followed thereafter.
• Detailing the conflicts regarding how the PA Turnpike Commission awards contracts,
including those to a (now former) Turnpike Commissioner's law firm.
• Illustrating a Philadelphia criminal justice loophole that allowed a convicted
felon, recaptured after unlawful flight, to be freed upon returning to Court.
• Exposing the hypocrisy of Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig regarding
the steroid controversy.