While Campaigning For President Obama on Taxpayers Dime 

 Concord, NH – Vice President Joe Biden is in New Hampshire today to sign him and his boss up to run for re-election and to speak to students at Plymouth State University.  The PSU trip allowed The Vice President to charge taxpayers for his trip claiming it official not political, yet Granite Staters oppose his party's plan to spend more money on a second stimulus bill.

“The Jeanne Shaheen backed jobs plan is nothing more than another Stimulus to fund taxpayer jobs and grow the size of government.  The people of New Hampshire and across the country need long term sustainable jobs, and this legislation he is promoting in New Hampshire will not achieve that goal but instead will force our country to borrow more from China."

Biden’s trip to New Hampshire coincides with the President’s taxpayer funded bus tour.

“The Campaigner-in-Chief is spending his time and our money traipsing across the country touting an alleged jobs bill that has already been rejected by the Democrat-controlled Senate.  This trip is nothing more than a taxpayer-funded campaign junket and we’d like to see our leaders get back to Washington and find a serious solution to the jobs crisis we have in this country,” MacDonald concluded.