Six NH State Representatives Endorse Governor Jon Huntsman

Representatives Gargasz, Kidder, Drisko, Robbins, Lockwood and Bolster Will Act As Huntsman Surrogates In Their Communities

Manchester, NH – Jon Huntsman for President today announced the endorsements of six New Hampshire State Representatives. Representatives David Robbins, Carolyn Gargasz, David Kidder, Richard Drisko, Priscilla Lockwood and Peter Bolster cited Governor Huntsman’s economic plan, foreign policy experience and protection of New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary as some of the reasons for their endorsements.

“I believe Governor Huntsman has a unique global perspective and good sense of the United States' position and responsibilities as an international power,” said Representative Gargasz. “I also believe that he has the ability to work intelligently and cooperatively with all factions to solve our country's domestic problems.  I am impressed with his love of country and the values that America stands for.”

Representative Gargasz represents the people of Hollis, NH. She is in her sixth term as a member of the Children & Family Law Committee. She has received the Voice for Children Award from Child & Family Service, and the Meritorious Service Award from New Hampshire Women's Lobby.

“Governor Huntsman has common-sense approaches to solving our country's economic problems,” said Representative Kidder. “He clearly stands out to me as the candidate best-suited to get the job done. His foreign policy experience is unmatched, and in such a turbulent time on the world stage, that’s vital.”

Representative Kidder is a member of the Legislative Administration Committee and represents the people of New London, NH where Governor Huntsman recently held a town hall at Colby-Sawyer College.

"I'm tired of the typical political rhetoric that we all too often hear from candidates running for office,” said Representative Drisko. “I feel that Governor Huntsman is a fresh voice who will be appreciated for his direct approach, depth of knowledge, and specific solutions for our country's problems."

Representative Drisko is in his sixth term representing Hollis, NH. He serves on the Election Law Committee.

“Jon Huntsman sees the world as it is and not as he might like it to be,” said Representative Robbins. “He understands we must make difficult decisions if we are to forge a better future for our children and their children.  He is willing to say uncomfortable truths and take unpopular stands because he has faith that, in the long run, we will all be better for it.”

Representative Robbins serves on the Children and Family Law Committee and represents Nashua, NH. Robbins was president of the New England Social Security Management Association and a board member of the National Council of Social Security Management Associations.

Representative Lockwood is on the Municipal and County Government Committee and represents Canterbury, NH.

Representative Bolster represents the people of Alton, NH. He is on the Resources, Recreation and Development Committee, a member of the Alton Selectboard and the President of the Alton Rotary Club.

“As we hold town halls in communities across New Hampshire, the buzz has been extraordinary,” said Governor Huntsman. “Our message of providing solutions instead of rhetoric for our country’s toughest problems is resonating with voters. I am thankful for the endorsement of these six representatives who want to ensure that we are able to put real leadership in the White House.”

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