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  1. First Annual NHGOP Golf Tournament
  2. NH GOP Chairman Statement on Primary
  3. Help Your local Candidates
  4. Harry Reid says private job market is fine: Does Jeanne Shaheen Agree
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First Annual NHGOP Golf Tournament


Join us on the links Monday, October 24th at the exclusive Wentworth By The Sea Country Club in Rye, NH and end the golf season by playing at one of New Hampshire's most talked about golf

Scramble format

$150 per person

Contact Jacob at jacob@nhgop.org or 225-9341



NH GOP Chairman Statement on Activities to Perserve NH Primary Status                                                                                                                         

Concord, NH – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald released the following statement today regarding New Hampshire’s fight to retain its role in the Presidential Primary process:

“The discussion of the primary calendar continues on many levels. I have had, and continue to be, in daily calls with our national party leaders in an effort to work this out to everyone's satisfaction in a way that complies with New Hampshire law and tradition. Ultimately, the NH GOP supports whatever steps Secretary Gardner takes to enforce our law to ensure that New Hampshire’s primary is first by a week.

“I continue to remain hopeful that Nevada will move its primary 72 hours to show respect for our law, just as New Hampshire has respected the fact that Nevada, as a newcomer to this process, has a role to play. New Hampshire has been doing this for over 75 years. We also appreciate the support for our law that we have received from Iowa and South Carolina including yesterday's support from Iowa Governor Branstad. We continue to believe that this calendar can be worked out in a way that is best for our candidates, our party and each of the states involved."

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Help out with your Local Elections

Come help out YOUR General Election Candidates:

Dover: Phone Banking and literature Drop, click here for more information or here to volutneer. 
Manchester: Phone Banking and Literature Drops this weekend. Click here to find out more, or here to volunteer.

For more information email Jacob at jacob@nhgop.org or click here for more dates, times and events.




Harry Reid says private jobs market is fine, need more government jobs: Does Jeanne Shaeen Agree?


Concord, NH – In a stunning statement today on the Senate floor, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid claimed that private employment numbers are fine, but it’s the government that needs to expand: “It's very clear that private-sector jobs have been doing just fine; it's the public-sector jobs where we've lost huge numbers, and that's what this legislation is all about.” Read article in The Hill  HERE.  The Senator was speaking in support of the $35 billion Stimulus II for new government hires (a portion of the President’s Jobs Bill.)  It has been reported, that since President Obama’s inauguration, there have been 1.6 million private sector job losses. NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen, who supported the failed full jobs bill last week, is presumably supporting this portion to increase taxes to hire more government employees. NH GOP Chair Wayne MacDonald released the following statement:


“Harry Reid apparently needs to take an economics 101 course and maybe read a newspaper.  The idea that the solution to the jobs crisis in this country is to simply increase taxes and expand government payrolls is foolhardy. The idea that the private sector is doing ‘just fine’ is downright ludicrous as the unemployment rate hovers at 9%.  Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen should ask all the people in New Hampshire who are out of work following layoffs and company closures in the private sector, and all the private sector small businesses who have had to reduce their work force or close altogether, if they think they are doing ‘just fine.’  Or, does she yet again plan on just blindly following her leader?


“The answer to our economic woes is not to just dole out more cash so that unemployment numbers increase during an election year.  The solution would be to improve the economy in a way that helps businesses grow and hire for the long term.  The Jeanne Shaheen backed, ‘let the private sector eat cake’ solution is a failure before it passes.  So Senator Shaheen, who will you stand with?  New Hampshire?  Or, Harry Reid?”



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