- Open Call for Delegates and Alternates to Challenge Obama in the Primaries

President Obama is being challenged in the Democratic Primaries and Caucuses. That's right; someone is stepping up to hold him accountable for his lack of progressive and liberal vision and leadership.

Is it Dennis Kucinich? No. Alan Grayson? I could only wish, though I am glad to see him running for his former seat in the House. We'll need champions like him in there.

No, it's me. *I* am challenging the President. So, naturally, you want to know who the hell am I to try something like this, yes?

I'm a working man, and have been my whole life. I'm a father, a husband, and firmly, firmly in the 99%. I've waited and waited for someone else to step up and hold Obama accountable for the abysmal record he's had of appeasing and even collaborating with the corporate powers we counted on him to help protect We the People from.

Someone else never showed up.

Will I win? It depends on the prize now, doesn't it? I am a citizen candidate, which is to say, I've never held office before. I won't be able to draw the millions that every other "viable" Presidential candidacy will have to spend in order to make an impact.

But I have a distinct advantage. Unlike any other candidate for the Presidency I can name in either the GOP or the Democratic Party, I am one of you, the 99%. Now, don't get me wrong - I'm not looking to be the leader of the beautifully leaderless Occupy movement. However, I am looking to use the Internet and social tools in a similar way to how the Occupy movement did to spread the message of my candidacy, and to accomplish what it takes to get on each ballot as the opportunity arises. For instance, even as unknown as I am, I've managed to drum up enough financial support to qualify for the New Hampshire ballot. I'm putting everything in order and I'll file this week, putting my name on the ballot against President Obama for the first time.

With your help, it won't be the last. I need a total of four New Hampshire residents who are registered Democrats who are willing to be my two delegates and alternates. I already have two good citizens who stepped forward to support my campaign. All I need are two more to contact me. We'll talk and then we'll take it from there.

With even more of your help, my presence on the NH ballot will get enough votes to cause a buzz. That buzz needs to grow loud enough to awaken the people of this great nation to the fact that we DO have a choice. Even if that choice is this unlikely champion from Madison, Wisconsin, we CAN choose to vote Democratic and still not vote for Obama.

In taking on the top seat in the Democratic Party, I hope to inspire others to challenge Blue Dog so-called "Democrats" in other seats. I mean, if someone like me has the guts to stand up to Obama, what's stopping someone in California from putting together a citizen candidacy to challenge Dianne Feinstein or Ben Nelson for their Senate seats? After their records, they don't deserve to represent We the People, and as a nation we need better Senators, ones who won't keep siding with the GOP. And every Blue Dog in the House is up for election, so if I can challenge Obama, and get it put together in the span of a month and a half, why can't they take out every one of these backstabbers?

If I succeed in lighting THAT fire, then all these Tea Party freshmen can expect to get swept out come the General Elections; We the People will be awake and ready, energized from the fight to take our nation back from these corporate puppets. And you never know. . . that kind of inspiration might just beat Obama in the Primaries. But, as you can see, that's hardly the important part to me.

I'm well aware that the above barely touches on who I am, but I hope it gives you a clearer vision of what I intend to do. My campaign website, has many more details on the platform I champion, the history I've had, and how I see the issues we face, together as the People. It also has a way for you to donate, should you so choose, but right now, I need daylight more than anything. Get the word out. Obama's not just going to sail into some glorified coronation next September at the Democratic National Convention, and in so doing help hand this nation even more into the hands of the 1%. Not without a fight.

Let's give him that fight.

America Changes Today,
Aldous C. Tyler