Andy Martin congratulates New Hampshire Secretary of State William Gardner

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin  salutes New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner for preserving New Hampshire’s “First Primary”

Andy says “Bill Gardner played a masterful hand. It looks as though we vote on January 10th.”

(CONCORD, NH) (October 23, 2011) “Three cheers for New Hampshire,” says Independent Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin. Andy will hold a news conference Sunday to congratulate New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner for preserving New Hampshire’s “First Primary” in 2012. “I was in Honolulu investigating President Barack Obama last month when the first attacks were launched on New Hampshire’s status as the first primary state. I quickly came to New Hampshire’s side in the battle. Others later followed me but, sadly, not Mitt Romney. Mitt was Mitt. Romney was ‘for’ New Hampshire and also ‘for’ Nevada.

“I have been campaigning in New Hampshire since last December when I became the first Republican presidential candidate to announce my candidacy.

“Bill Gardner played his ‘primary hand’ poker-faced and granite tough. The Union Leader was resolute in support (see first link below). And Gardner won a victory for the entire nation. I salute him. If I were to become president I’d want people like Bill Gardner in my administration. Honest, straightforward, practical and Granite State tough.

New Hampshire is a political swing state that offers an almost exact microcosm of the national mood. The state is diverse in many dimensions. It’s the perfect place to hold the First Primary. If, as many Republicans claim, we are a ‘center-right’ nation (and I happen to agree), New Hampshire is the perfect center-right laboratory for the nation’s First Primary.

“Some of the other presidential candidates would know New Hampshire the way I do, from the ground up, if they spent a little time in the state. But they treat New Hampshire as ‘fly-over country,’ dropping in occasionally to shake hands at cocktail parties and then quickly running back to their private jets.

“In regards to my presidential primary opponents let me say that good intentions mean nothing if you can’t play the game or you don’t know where you stand, as some of the other candidates are gradually learning. All of them got bigger boosts than I did. But they have all frittered away their leads. The playing field is becoming ‘leveler’ and ‘leveler.’ I don’t complain. I just keep plodding away trying to do an honorable job as a Favorite Son candidate. The 2012 primary is going to be a doozy.”

Andy is currently planning his Midwest and southern campaigns and will return shortly to New Hampshire to battle right through the 2012 primary. “You can’t see it on the surface yet, but the 2012 primary is slowly moving in my direction. We had a ‘war council’ on Saturday and the analysis surprised even us. With the exception of Mitt Romney, who purchased a mansion in New Hampshire, my opponents are now going to start showing up in New Hampshire straggling and struggling. They are having to give up their private jets and luxury buses because they have overspent and underperformed.

“Is this the way they would run the White House? They sound more like Democrats to me.

“We’re rested and ready to take them on. The bottom line: I Can Do More for New Hampshire. They can’t. Stay tuned, New Hampshire. Now it starts to get interesting. If you don’t think I’m a tough adversary, just ask around.”

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Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin congratulates New Hampshire Secretary of State William Gardner for a masterful job in preserving New Hampshire’s “First Primary”




Sidewalk news conference, SE corner of Huron and Wabash,

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Sunday, October 23rd, 3:00 P.M.