New Hampshire Job Creators Endorse Gov. Rick Perry for President


Perry Campaign Announces New Hampshire Job Creators for Perry Coalition

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today received the endorsement of 32 New Hampshire job creators who have formed the Job Creators for Perry Coalition. These Granite State business owners and entrepreneurs are teaming up to show their support for Gov. Perry and his unmatched job creation record. Dr. Julianne Cooper and Marian Norhona have been named co-chairs to the coalition. Twenty-four of these coalition members are announcing their support for Gov. Perry for the first time.

“Gov. Perry is the only candidate in this race who has a proven record of standing by businesses – large and small – enabling them to create jobs,” said Dr. Julianne Cooper, Job Creators for Perry Co-Chair and founder of Liberty Harbor Academy, a private day school in Manchester. “I am supporting him for president because he understands that with less spending, lower taxes, fewer regulations and tort reform, the private sector will have the confidence and ability to finally hire new workers. I believe Gov. Perry is the only candidate who has the experience to get America working again.”

"Gov. Perry has focused on two simple and achievable tasks: unleashing America to extract its own energy, and freeing Americans to chart their own future," said Marian Noronha, president of Turbocam International in Barrington.  “As soon as the world knows that America is capable of and serious about producing more oil, prices will head downward.  And when Americans know that the government will run on 18 percent of GDP instead of 25, they will start hiring and believing in themselves again.”

Last Friday, Gov. Perry rolled out a plan that will create up to 1.2 million good paying jobs in America’s energy sector by cutting the red tape and regulations currently strangling the expansion of domestic energy exploration and production. His plan is based on the one simple premise that our nation will make what Americans buy, buy what Americans make, and sell it to the world. Much of it can be implemented through executive action, without Congressional action and free of Washington gridlock.

“His recently unveiled jobs and energy plan is that of a forward-thinking and experienced leader,” said Jack Tulley, owner of the Tulley Auto Group of Nashua. “Gov. Perry, unlike any other candidate in this race, has provided the surest and quickest way to help get this country working again, without the need for Congress and with a focus on a sector America must solidify and develop for our national security and our economic growth – domestic energy production.”

Gov. Perry’s plan will not only create the jobs America desperately needs and jump start our economy, it will also stop Obama’s job-killing EPA with significant reforms, return authority to the states to regulate their own resources and level the playing field among all energy sectors.

“Gov. Perry proved in Texas that by freeing the private sector from over-regulation, providing it with predictability and allowing it to do what it does best – compete – jobs will be created and economies will grow,” said Perry Campaign Manager Rob Johnson. “While Obama has been increasing regulations, picking private sector winners and losers and killing 2.5 million jobs nationwide, Gov. Perry and the state of Texas have created more than one million net new jobs. His experience, vision and proven leadership are why these job creators trust him to get Americans working again and support him to be our next president.”

The following 32 job creators have endorsed Gov. Rick Perry for President and are members of the New Hampshire Job Creators for Perry Coalition:

Coalition Co-Chair Dr. Julianne Cooper, Liberty Harbor Academy
Phil Abirached, Metro Market
Phil Baker, Hampshire Capital Corporation
Romeo Danais, The General Butler Farm
Phil and Lorraine Davidson, Ewing Electric
John Ela, Epoch Homes
Robert Fitzmaurice, FitzmauriceCompanies
Keith Forrester, FESI
Michael Galante, Galante's Auto Sales
Tony  Hashem, Hanoush Jewelers
Tom Howard, Serenity Carpets
Stephen Kniaz, Adaptations Unlimited
Eric Kraus, Smith and Kraus Publishing
Heidi Mason, Northwinds Farm
Eli and Lina Merheb, Tobacco Empire
Bruce Reeves, Assuretec
Cathi Remington, Bead Creative
John Reuter, Jack the Liquidator & NewVo Interiors
Aziz Saba, AGR Foodmart Inc.
Chuck Stephen, Glenwood Investment Group LLC
Richard Succar, Oasis Gas and Minimart
Sharon Therriault, SMP Consulting
Kevin Waterhouse, Waterhouse's Country Store
Dick Wentzell, Dick Wentzell Sunshine Paving

(The following coalition members have previously announced their support for Gov. Perry):
Coalition Co-Chair Marian Norohna, Turbocam
Spec Bowers, Georges Mills Cottages
Bob Burns, Burns Automation
Bob Greemore, Bob's Sharp-All
Warren Groen, Groen Builders Inc.
Steve Lewis, Steven Lewis Inc.
Sean Mahoney, Former Publisher of Business NH Magazine
Jack Tulley, Tulley Auto Group

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