Concord, NH—Nevada today announced it has set the day of its Presidential Caucus for February 4, 2012.  The announcement comes after extensive discussions and efforts between Nevada, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Iowa and the National Republican Committee.  

The New Hampshire Republican leaders released the following statements in response:

“I would like to thank the efforts of RNC Chairman Priebus, our National Committeeman Steve Duprey and our National Committeewoman Phyllis Woods who worked with me in consulting with our colleagues in Nevada to come to an agreement that is best for everyone and successfully preserves New Hampshire’s First in the Nation Status.   Nevada’s decision to reschedule to February 4 will now allow Secretary of State Bill Gardner to schedule our Primary at a more appropriate time than would’ve been allowed with Nevada’s earlier date.  The New Hampshire Primary is important not just as a long standing tradition, but as an opportunity for lesser-funded or lesser-known candidates to have the opportunity to be heard.  This resolution comes thanks to several people, including the RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. Together, we all come out on top.” –Wayne MacDonald, New Hampshire Republican Committee Chairman

“Nevada has a very important role to play in the early process of our Presidential election cycle and this agreement not only ensures its role for 2012, but for future elections. It was thanks to the efforts of Nevada GOP Chair Amy Tarkanian and party leaders in South Carolina, Iowa and here in New Hampshire that made this calendar issue work and I am very appreciative of these efforts to find common ground. I am also appreciative to the candidates for their various efforts to respect and preserve our primary.  We understand the importance of the early states to give a fair and open chance for candidates to establish their campaigns and get known and we will continue to work with our counterparts in the others states to make sure this opportunity for candidates is maintained.”—Steve Duprey, NH Republican National Committeeman

“In addition to thanking the party leaders in the early states, I would also like to thank Reince Priebus for his role in negotiating a satisfactory resolution to the issue of scheduling these early state’s primaries and caucuses.  We, in New Hampshire, recognize the important role Nevada plays in the process.  By Nevada’s officials honoring New Hampshire’s law and respecting the spirit and intent of the RNC Rules regarding the sequence of states, we will be able to continue to work together to provide all our candidates every opportunity the selection process offers.”—Phyllis Woods, New Hampshire Republican National Committeewoman