Andy Martin expresses "disappointment" at Sununu endorsement of Mitt Romney

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin expressed disappointment Monday that former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu endorsed Mitt Romney for president. “You can see why GOP primary voters are frustrated,” Martin said. “It’s the same old, same old. Romney represents Sununu’s attempt to restore the old Bush political machine.” Martin expressed admiration for Sununu but said the former governor should not have tried to influence the 2012 presidential primary.

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says former Governor John Sununu’s endorsement of Governor Mitt Romney for president could backfire

Martin says the current cast of Republican candidates for president does not represent the change American people are demanding

(CONCORD, NH) (October 24, 2011) Independent Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin expressed disappointment Monday that former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu’s endorsement of Mitt Romney for president (see link below). “I admire Governor Sununu and truth be told I’d love to have his support as well. Mitt Romney is a decent person and he would be a 1,000% improvement over President Barack Obama. Virtually any Republican would be a massive improvement.

“But the American people are angry, frustrated and concerned. Is the best Republicans can do to just offer a stable of retread candidates? No change? No vision? Just a restoration of the former Bush administration types?

“Governor Sununu is, of course, the embodiment of the old Bush operation in New Hampshire. It has been clear for some time that Bushies support Romney.

“Could Republicans be so complacent they end up losing in 2012? Obama and his minions come out of the Chicago political culture. It is a ruthless, ‘medieval’ environment (see link below). I understand how to fight Obama. I am not sure the others do. When I told New Hampshire Republicans in February I was ‘Chicago tough’ they may not have understood. They do now. With all due respect to my opponents, does anyone believe Ron Paul can take on Obama? Puuuleze. And so on.

“People are in the streets from coast-to-coast because they think the political parties are failing them. Is Romney-Sununu more of the same?

“Ironically, Sununu’s endorsement may backfire and make the New Hampshire primary a wide-open slugfest. We’ll see.

“Later this week we’ll have more to say about the Romney campaign. I have forty years of experience as a corruption-fighter. I am a change agent. I understand that the American people are angry. There is no ‘business as usual’ with me. In the end, people get what they vote for. I sounded the alarm in 1999 that George W. Bush was not strong enough to sit in the Oval Office. GWB was a very decent man who was betrayed by his own administration. What evidence do we have that Romney or any of the other chumbolones running for president will stand up to the system and take the strong action the American people are demanding at home and abroad?

“If Americans perceive Romney as ‘Bush III’ there are problems ahead for Republicans in the 2012 election.”

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