Sam Adams Alliance - Eric O'Keefe to Keynote TUA 35th Anniversary Benefit

The Sam Adams Alliance is proud to announce Eric O'Keefe, Chairman and CEO of the Sam Adams Alliance and President of the Alliance for Self-Governance, will be the keynote speaker at the Taxpayers United of America (TUA) 35th Anniversary Celebration event on November 3, 2011, in Chicago, Illinois. 


TUA Billboard  


Eric is a leading voice in the fight for government accountability and self-governance, and he urges citizens to take back control of their government and hold elected officials accountable, especially through the primary process.


Other speakers at the event will include Paul Jacob, President of Citizens in Charge, John Tillman, President of the Illinois Policy Institute, Adrian Moore, Vice President of Reason Foundation, and Jim Tobin, President of TUA.


TUA is one of the largest taxpayer advocacy organizations in America.  For more information or to purchase tickets to the event, visit


Founded in Chicago in 2006, the Sam Adams Alliance (SAM) is a non-profit, non-partisan, fiercely independent organization dedicated to inspiring and encouraging grass-roots citizen activism. For more information, visit