US Rep Guinta Receives "112th Congress Gold Mouse Award" for Online Communication


(Washington – October 24, 2011)    Rep. Frank Guinta (R, NH-01) received the non-partisan Congressional Management Foundation’s (CMF) “112th Congress Gold Mouse Award” this morning in recognition of his ongoing efforts to stay in touch with Granite Staters.  Rep. Guinta is the only member of the House of Representatives’ 94 member freshmen class to receive the Gold Mouse Award. CMF created the awards in 2001 to provide congressional offices with best practices guidance for enhancing their online communications with constituents.

In notifying Rep. Guinta of the award, President and CEO Bradford Fitch of the Congressional Management Foundation said, “Rep. Guinta and his staff have demonstrated a strong commitment to connecting with citizens and exemplifying transparency and accountability in government … his example of excellence in congressional communications not only assists his constituents, it helps all Americans understand the workings and value of Congress.”

“I appreciate the recognition of my ongoing efforts to stay connected with Granite Staters.  Whether it is through traditional Town Hall Meetings, job fairs or new media, I will continue to honor my promise to stay actively engaged so I can best reflect New Hampshire values on Capitol Hill through all means available.”