Andy Martin - Republican presidential candidate says Michele Bachmann should end her campaign

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says it is time for Michele Bachmann to bring down the curtain on her "Looney Tunes” presidential campaign

Andy says no serious candidate for the White House can effectively abandon New Hampshire’s First Primary

Andy says Bachmann’s denial of statements she made on camera may reflect mental problems involving short-term memory loss

“How many Bachmann bloopers is too many Bachmann bloopers?” Andy asks

(CHICAGO) (October 25, 2011)  Independent Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference Tuesday to ask Michele Bachmann to end her presidential campaign. Andy says Bachmann is exhibiting increasing evidence of mental illness.

“Michele Bachmann is becoming an embarrassment to the Republican Party, to the media that have promoted her such as Fox News, and to herself,” Andy says. “As a lawyer for forty-two years, and not as a clinician, but as someone who has worked with mentally ill patients, I would say there is a more than fair chance Bachmann is suffering from the early stages of mental illness or a breakdown of some sort. Her denial that she made remarks, when her remarks were recorded on camera, is a clear sign of either extreme stress or mild mental illness (see links below). As part of a continuing pattern of unstable behavior her latest ‘gaffe’ may presage more serious problems.

“The ‘comedy’ over the past few days, as her New Hampshire staff resigned and couldn’t even contact their own campaign to tender their resignations, is only the latest episode in years of staff-related stress involving Bachmann. Her congressional office is notorious for being a revolving door operation when it comes to staff. Bachmann neither inspires loyalty in her staff, which is constantly quitting, nor apparently is she loyal to her own people. It’s embarrassing.

“Bachmann’s ‘campaign manger’ (what campaign?) was quoted in the New York Daily News as saying (see link below) that she is ‘camping out in Iowa’ and effectively abandoning New Hampshire. How can Bachmann be a serious candidate for president when she has abandoned New Hampshire? Her own employees said she could not make payroll. This from someone who was previously held out as a prodigious fund raiser. Is this the way she would run the federal government? Asking employees to go off the payroll? It’s crazy.

“If Bachmann stays in the presidential campaign she risks losing her congressional seat. How long can her comic book behavior be ignored by her constituents?

“Finally, Bachmann is cluttering the campaign with her presence. Other than the endless repetition of her couple of slogans she has nothing to add to the national debate. There are other more serious candidates that are being ignored because Bachmann’s increasingly unstable behavior is sucking up the energy and oxygen of political coverage.

“When a candidate for the Oval Office says ‘I don’t think I ever said that,’ and her remarks are there on tape, a reasonable analysis cannot exclude the possibility of the early stages of a breakdown. Perhaps Bachmann’s history of migraines is affecting her memory and judgment. I don’t know. I don’t need to know. Her unstable behavior speaks for itself. I don’t know if Bachmann, who says she is a lawyer but is obviously incompetent to practice law, remembers the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur, but her behavior ‘speaks for itself.’

“Bachmann is no longer a serious candidate for the White House. Michele, it’s time for you to go.”




Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says Michele Bachmann should withdraw as a presidential candidate


Sidewalk news conference, SE corner of Huron and Wabash,

Chicago (weather permitting [looks good]; otherwise indoors)


Tuesday, October 25th, 4:00 P.M. 


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