Gov. Huntsman Receives Endorsement of NH State Senator Nancy Stiles

Stiles: “Governor Huntsman Gets New Hampshire”

Manchester, NH – Jon Huntsman for President today announced that New Hampshire State Senator Nancy Stiles has endorsed Governor Huntsman for President of the United States. On the heels of six more New Hampshire State Representatives endorsing Governor Huntsman, Senator Stiles cited Governor Huntsman’s defense of New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary and his extensive foreign policy experience as the major reasons for her endorsement.

Senator Stiles released the following statement:

“In these turbulent times, I am proud to endorse the only candidate with international experience. One of our country’s great challenges – both politically and economically – is China, and Governor Huntsman as our former ambassador is uniquely qualified to deal with the Chinese government and its people.

“Governor Huntsman also recognizes New Hampshire’s unique role in the presidential primary process.  He appreciates the valuable role our citizens play for the nation because we spend time with each of the candidates and ask the tough questions. When Nevada threatened our primary, Governor Huntsman was the first candidate to stand strong in our defense. While others paid lip service, Governor Huntsman had the courage of his convictions to not just promise to boycott the Nevada caucus but to also boycott their debate, spending debate night instead at a town hall in New Hampshire.          

“Jon Huntsman is a leader who works at getting things done and creating solutions, not a politician who grandstands for attention and delivers nothing but rhetoric.”

“Nancy has been a leader in New Hampshire’s statehouse and I am proud to have her support on the campaign trail,” said Governor Huntsman. “We are presenting solutions instead of rhetoric to our country’s toughest problems and with the help of community leaders like Nancy today, we will continue to travel the Granite State to answer tough questions and provide real, thoughtful answers.”