NH GOP - Big Taxer Maggie Hassan Announces Gubernatorial Bid

Even Though He Seems to be Avoiding the Granite State, Will Hassan Campaign with Obama in 2012?

Concord, NH— Former Senate Majority Leader Maggie Hassan (D-Exeter) announced today her candidacy for the Governor’s office in 2012.  Senator Hassan lost her reelection bid in 2010 to Senator Russell Prescott as her own constituents in the 23rd District rejected her service of massive tax and fee increases and more government control.  NH GOP Chair Wayne MacDonald released the following statement.

“Voters who knew her best didn’t want her to return to the Senate because they simply couldn’t afford her leadership.  As more New Hampshire voters learn of her partisan record I'm sure they will soundly do the same.  Senator Hassan is the architect of her failed Maggiecare and of the famous LLC Tax—an income tax on New Hampshire small businesses which was eventually repealed.   She was a supporter and proponent of more than 80 tax and fee increases while in office.  She is simply wrong for New Hampshire.  In 2010, when she was voted out of office, New Hampshire citizens stood together to reject her record that was destroying the New Hampshire economy. Today she claims she will be fiscally disciplined, balance the state budget and keep taxes low.  The problem is, her record is clear and doesn’t match these words.  New Hampshire voters are smarter than to let Senator Hassan get away with one thing on the campaign trail and another in office—a lesson she should’ve learned in 2010.

“We need new and strong leadership in New Hampshire’s corner office and a big government growth, anti-business taxer is not the answer.”

*Maggiecare was her failed attempt to create a new bureaucracy and massive regulation expanses of NH health care systems.