NH GOP - Democrat Former Senator Calls on fellow D's to "be the bullet" to Stop Republicans at the Gates

Shea-Porter, Hassan, Buckley say nothing in response

Concord, NH— As reported in the Portsmouth Herald today, Democrats gathered for their Eleanor Roosevelt dinner in Epping yesterday to discuss 2012 elections and attack Republican leaders in New Hampshire.  Former New Hampshire State Senator and rumored future gubernatorial candidate Jackie Cilley spoke at the event.  During her comments in pushing for increased spending and criticizing Republican efforts to trim the budget, Cilley said “We’ve got to be the bullet that stops them at the Gates,” referring to republicans in our state legislature.

“This kind of language is completely unacceptable,” said Wayne MacDonald, NH Republican State Committee Chairman. “It is definitely time we tone back the rhetoric.  Senator Cilley owes an apology to our Speaker Bill O’Brien, Republican legislators and the citizens of New Hampshire for her dangerous comments. Perhaps she should take some time away from the public stage to reflect on her comments and make sure her emotions don’t get the better of her before seriously considering statewide office.”  

Also in attendance during these statements were Congressional candidates Joanne Dowdell and Carol Shea-Porter, along with three potential Democratic candidates for Governor including Maggie Hassan, Mark Connolly and Cilley.

“Where are the Democratic party leaders that were in attendance?  Why aren’t they  condemning Cilley for her remarks?” MacDonald questioned.  “Ray Buckley, Carol Shea-Porter and the rest of them should denounce this kind of rhetoric and call for civilty as we enter another election year.”