Roemer Campaign Adds NH State Director and Launches New Website

Manchester, NH - Former Louisiana Governor and Presidential Candidate Buddy Roemer has hired a new State Director for his New Hampshire campaign, Chris Buck. Buck is a local attorney and former State Director for Thad McCotter.
"We're committed to New Hampshire," said Roemer. "This is where we need to be to continue to gain momentum in our race for the Presidency, and make no mistake about it, momentum is building. When we speak to Granite Staters, we hear that they want an end to corruption, to cronyism, and to Washington DC insiders making their decisions for them. They want transparency in government and campaign finance, and they want a return to states' rights. A strong team is the most important part of a winning strategy, and Chris' energy and experience is a great fit for us."
"I'm pleased to work for the Governor here in New Hampshire," said Buck. "He already has one of the best ground games in the State, because he puts in the time to meet with real voters, not directors of PACs and Super PACs. The path to victory is clear. We're going to convince one voter at a time that there is a better choice than the current crop of candidates. The only candidate to serve both as Governor and Congressman, and to build a successful community bank is Governor Roemer. I can't wait for the day after the election, when the headlines read 'Buddy Roemer Surprises'."

The Buddy Roemer for President Campaign has also launched a new version of its website, "Our supporters said they needed more so we are giving it to them," said campaign manager Carlos Sierra. "Our new site is more interactive and more informative and has everything our supporters need to spread Governor Roemer's message of ending the corruptive infulences of special interests and putting Americans back to work," Sierra stated