Hosmer Heads to Washington with Hopes of Being the Next Obama-Pelosi Rubber Stamp

New Hampshire Democrat Recruit Meets With Washington Party Leaders Who Hand-Picked Him to Push for the Failed Obama-Pelosi Agenda

Washington --- With President Obama’s failed policies more unpopular than ever, Andrew Hosmer is rushing to the aid of Washington Democrats today in hopes of returning Nancy Pelosi to the Speaker’s Chair. Since he has been hand-picked by Washington Democrat leaders, Pelosi and Obama know they can count on Hosmer to defend their years of failed leadership which has left middle-class families in New Hampshire facing increasingly dismal economic prospects.

“Today’s meeting in Washington makes it clear that President Obama is counting on Andrew Hosmer to return Nancy Pelosi to the Speaker’s Chair so they can promote more of their failed taxing, spending and borrowing spree that will make a bad economy worse,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “Hosmer will be nothing more than a rubber stamp for Obama and Pelosi’s broken policies, which voters are rejecting more than ever before.”

Democrat leaders are inviting their hand-selected, top recruits to Washington on Wednesday:

“The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is bringing over 100 of its top recruits to Washington on Wednesday for a day of training and meeting with top Democratic officials as they prepare their candidates for next year's election cycle in their hopes of taking back the House.” (Jessica Taylor, “DCCC Bringing Top Recruits to D.C.,” National Journal’s Hotline On Call Blog, 10/24/11)

They are counting on loyal candidates to support their Democrat agenda in the face of increasing unpopularity:

“House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to Christiane Amanpour, in a bite for ABC’s ‘This Week’ that didn’t make the show, on whether she would advise vulnerable Dems to invite President Obama into their districts to campaign with them: …

“The president would be well received by any one of our members into their districts. … [T]he consensus in our caucus that we're very proud of his coming forth with a jobs bill, with his speaking out about why it's important to the American people. His reelection is very important to the country. … [H]e's been a great president. And our members are very proud of him. And I think any one of us would love to have the president as a guest in our districts.” (Mike Allen, Politico’s Playbook, 10/9/11)

President Obama’s Democrat policies are now more unpopular than ever with American voters, underscoring the importance Democrat leaders are placing on finding loyal recruits:

“President Barack Obama's 11th quarter in office was the worst of his administration, based on his quarterly average job approval ratings. His 41% approval average is down six percentage points from his 10th quarter in office, and is nearly four points below his previous low of 45% during his seventh quarter.” (Jeffrey M. Jones, “Obama Job Approval Average Slides to New Low in 11th Quarter,” Gallup, 10/21/11)

Democrat leaders in Washington believe they’ve found the perfect new rubber stamp for their failed agenda in Andrew Hosmer. However, it seems doubtful that middle-class families struggling with the bad economy in New Hampshire believe that installing Nancy Pelosi back into the Speaker’s Chair is the solution to years of failed Democrat leadership.

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