NH DHHS Announces 8th Annual Suicide Prevention Conference Conference Theme: Healing, Hope and Health

Concord – The State Suicide Prevention Council, in partnership with the

National Alliance on Mental Illness–NH Chapter and the Youth Suicide

Prevention Assembly are announcing the 8th Annual Suicide Prevention

Conference. This year’s conference theme is Healing, Hope and Health. The

Conference will be held Friday, November 4, at the SERESC Center in

Bedford, and begins at 9 AM.

The Conference keynote speaker, Thomas Joiner, Ph.D., will share his

expertise on why people die by suicide. Dr. Joiner, a clinical

psychologist wholost his own father by suicide has written or edited 15

books, including Why People Die by Suicide and Myths About Suicide. Dr.

Joiner will explore the myths about suicide which he describes as “numerous

and pervasive; they represent a public health nuisance. Dispelling them is

thus important, and can shed new light on the phenomenon.”

The Conference is open to anyone interested in suicide prevention from

survivors of suicide loss to professionals working in the field. There

will be a wide range of presentations and workshops including one by TIGER

(Theatre Integrating Guidance, Education & Responsibility), a professional

theatre company from Plymouth State University, designed to help youth,

schools, families and communities deal proactively and positively with

social issues. Other topics include managing mental Illness compounded by

substance abuse; veterans’ reintegration after returning from war, and

helping children cope with grief after suicide loss.

The Conference is being held at the SERESC Center in Bedford. For more

information on this event, the NH Youth Suicide Prevention Assembly, or

other ongoing suicide prevention activities in NH, visit www.naminh.org. To

register for the event, please email Cindi.j.Lapointe@dartmouth.edu

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among youth and young adults

up to age 24 and the fourth leading cause of death for adults ages 25 -54.

Nationally, veterans account for one fifth of all suicide deaths. If you

are worried about someone or are suicidal, please call 1-800-273-TALK, a

24/7 crisis line. Help is available.