ALG Urges House Adoption of $49 Million Cut to NLRB, Restrictions on Job-Killing Decision-Making

October 3, 2011, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government (ALG) President Bill Wilson today urged passage of House appropriations legislation that would cut the National Labor Relations Board budget by $49 million and bar it from making what he described as "job-killing decisions."

"This is a good first step to fully restricting the National Labor Relations Board by hitting them where it hurts: in the pocketbook," Wilson said.

In addition to the $49 million cut, a 17 percent cut from 2011's budget authority, the bill introduced by Rep. Dennis Rehberg "includes several provisions intended to stop the NLRB's harmful anti-business regulations that would impose additional and excessive costs on American businesses, increase job loss, and further hinder economic growth," according to a bill summary from the House Appropriations Committee

The bill summary defines those provisions: "a prohibition on establishing micro-unions; a prohibition on eliminating secret ballot elections; a prohibition on 'quick-snap elections'; a prohibition on the implementation of 'e-Card Check,' which could promote coercion in union elections; and a prohibition on aggressive regulatory overreach on the small business community."

Wilson praised the committee's work to roll back the NLRB, and said the prohibitions would "stop the implementation big labor's agenda via the NLRB dead in its tracks," noting moves by the agency at the behest of labor officials over the years to compel employees to unionize.

A poll conducted by the polling company™, inc./WomanTrend on behalf of ALG found that 66 percent of Americans thought the agency had too much power "to officiate legal proceedings over private U.S. companies in its own court system". 

"American taxpayers should not be forced to pay for an agency explicitly designed to issue pro-labor rulings.  The House Appropriations Committee is to be praised for its work to limit this out-of-control agency, and we urge adoption of this bill," Wilson concluded.


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