Governor Huntsman Receives the Endorsements of NH VFW Leadership

Influential Veterans Stand Behind Governor Huntsman’s Positions on Foreign Policy

Manchester, NH – Jon Huntsman for President today announced that Governor Jon Huntsman has received the personal endorsement of individuals in the past and present leadership of the New Hampshire Veterans of Foreign Wars (NH VFW). State Commander Paul Lloyd, Past State Commander David Ouellette and Senior Vice Commander Gregory Lynch all cited Governor Huntsman’s positions on foreign policy and support of veterans as the primary reasons for their endorsements.

“Jon Huntsman is the only candidate in this race that I trust to make sure our soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen are first and foremost doing what’s best for our country,” said Paul Lloyd, NH VFW State Commander. “Governor Huntsman has the foreign policy experience to back up his policies and he will make sure that the United States remains the envy to the world both economically and as a beacon of freedom and democracy.”

Paul Lloyd is a Navy veteran who served in Operation Desert Storm. Lloyd has been with the VFW organization for over 20 years and the NH VFW since 1998.

“Governor Huntsman has the experience and record of results we need in the White House,” said Gregory Lynch, NH VFW Senior Vice Commander. “I am very impressed with his plan to make America competitive again by clearing out the cobwebs of the current tax code. His international experience as the U.S. Ambassador to China has provided him with great insight on foreign affairs that is vitally necessary in these turbulent times. For all these reasons and more Gov. Huntsman is my choice for President of our great country.”

Gregory Lynch is a U.S. Army Vietnam Combat Veteran. He has been a member of the NH VFW for over 24 years.

“With his extensive experience leading the state of Utah and serving as Ambassador to China and Singapore, Jon Huntsman understands the importance of serving one’s country,” said David Ouellette, NH VFW Past State Commander. “There is no doubt in my mind that Jon Huntsman is the leader best equipped to restore our nation’s standing as a world leader, and I’m proud to support him for President of the United States.”

David Ouellette is a U.S. Air Force Veteran. He served in Thailand during the Vietnam War and has been a leader in the NH VFW for over 20 years.

“When our veterans return from overseas they deserve our support and the men and women of the New Hampshire Veterans of Foreign Wars are on the frontlines of giving that support,” said Governor Huntsman. “Our country needs to begin focusing on our core here at home so our veterans can return to civilian life and find a well-paying job with a future. I thank the VFW for all that they do and I am honored to receive their endorsements.”

As Governor of Utah, Jon Huntsman has a record of fighting for veterans. Governor Huntsman waived tuition at state-operated schools to dependents of military members killed in service after September 11th and Purple Heart recipients. He endorsed the Helmets to Hardhats program which helps find construction industry jobs for returning veterans. He advocated for funding for a 120 bed veterans nursing home and helped raise money to send a group of World War II veterans to see the memorial in Washington D.C. 

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