Huntsman Campaign Fires Back at Romney Adviser ’s Afghanistan Statement

Manchester- Jon Huntsman for President spokesman Tim Miller issued the following statement in response to Romney adviser Richard Williamson's attack on Afghanistan policy:

"Over the course of the summer Mitt Romney has flip-flopped from thinking we should bring the troops home ‘as soon as we possibly can’ to wanting to keep them there indefinitely. Even now, it's unclear exactly what his position on Afghanistan is. That inconsistency shouldn't be surprising since Governor Romney is learning about foreign policy as he goes.

“Governor Huntsman has consistently said we should bring our troops home from Afghanistan as soon as possible, transitioning from a nation-building to a counter-terror effort. Of all the Republican candidates, he is the only one with the experience to execute a foreign policy that reflects the challenges we face."

Romney Adviser's Afghanistan Statement:
RICHARD WILLIAMSON, ROMNEY FOREIGN POLICY ADVISER: “I was involved back in 1988 when we got the Soviets to withdraw and we paid a price for leaving Afghanistan in chaos. And while Governors Huntsman and Perry are to the left of President Obama on Afghanistan, Governor Romney wants to see the job done but at the same time recognizes ultimately Afghanistan's fate will be with the Afghanis.”

In June 2011, Romney Claimed It Was “Time For Us To Bring Our Troops Home” From Afghanistan. “Mitt Romney’s hint in Monday night’s Republican debate that he’s eager to pull the plug on the war in Afghanistan left some of his GOP allies puzzled, Democrats sensing an opportunity, and his staff working to explain what he meant. ‘It’s time for us to bring our troops home as soon as we possibly can — as soon as our generals think it’s okay,’ Romney said. ‘One lesson we‘ve learned in Afghanistan is that Americans cannot fight another nation’s war of independence.’” (Ben Smith, “Mitt Romney's Afghanistan Remark Stuns GOP Pals,” Politico, 6/14/11)