NH GOP - President Obama's Grand Game: Will Jeanne Shaheen Let Herself be a Pawn?

Concord, NH – President Obama has just delivered his latest speech/press conference regarding his so-called “Jobs Bill,” calling on US Senators to pass it “right now.”  The bill is scheduled to be voted on next week and NH GOP Chair Wayne MacDonald released the following statement:

“President Obama today continued his public relations tour promoting the tax hiking Stimulus II—or jobs bill, as he calls it.  During his remarks, he said, ‘Any Senator voting against the jobs bill needs to explain…’ Well, the people of New Hampshire would like Senator Jeanne Shaheen to explain why she would vote for it.  The bill hikes taxes on employers and increasing costs on employers simply does not make them run out and make new hires.  During his statement, the only specific jobs mentioned by the President were both union and taxpayer funded.  Senator Shaheen, will you allow yourself to be a pawn in the President’s re-election political game, or will you stand for the New Hampshire people and small business owners who simply can’t afford new taxes or surcharges for their success?

“Yet again, President Obama has claimed that the jobless rate will go up if this Stimulus II is not passed.  These are the same things we were told about the failed Stimulus I.  Senator Shaheen, are you going to stand up and agree that when something fails once you don’t just try, try again?  New Hampshire has the right to know  where its leaders stand on issues before bills are voted on and we have the right to hear Senator Shaheen’s explanation for her intended vote.”