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Happy Halloween!

‘Tis the time of ghosts, goblins, snow, and jack-o-lanterns, but nothing is scarier than the out-of-state, special interest groups now appearing in the Second Congressional District.

It is not treats they bring, but tricks in the form of attacks on me.

I am one of only four House Republicans recently targeted by the Democratic House Majority PAC as part of a six-figure radio buy of negative ads.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee – the gang that thinks Harry Reid is not liberal enough! – is back. As they did in 2010, they have again endorsed my opponent, Annie Kuster, and are raising money to help fund her campaign of distorted attacks on my record.

Quite honestly, being targeted by such liberal groups only strengthens my resolve to work even harder doing the job I was elected to do; get a government that taxes, spends and regulates too much out of the way so both small and large businesses can create real jobs and get our economy moving again.

I am proud to have you standing with me and many thanks for your help and support.

Here’s hoping everyone has their electrical power restored very soon!

On the trail...

Although I was unfortunately unable to attend the Grafton County Republican Committee’s very successful Columbus Day Dinner, I was pleased to be represented by my good friend, Representative Gene Chandler. Receiving well-deserved special recognition at the dinner for his many years of public service was Executive Councilor and Grafton County Commissioner Ray Burton. New Hampshire’s North Country has no better friend and advocate than Ray Burton.

Hats off to my very good friend and our highly respected Secretary of State, Bill Gardner. Once again, his dedication and unwavering commitment to protecting our First in the Nation Presidential Primary has been successful. Despite challenges from other states, Secretary Gardner continues to defend this time-honored and most-democratic tradition. It is so important for our Presidential elections to begin in a place where handshakes and shoe leather outweigh television ads and focus groups.

From the papers...

Thanks to Dr. Peter Loeser of Concord and Katherine Higgins of Henniker for the kind works in their recent letters to the editor in the Concord Monitor regarding the Transparency in Regulatory Analysis of Impacts on the Nation Act (TRAIN) which threatens key elements of the Clear Air Act. Here’s a bit of what they wrote...

Dr. Loeser wrote, “Rep. Charlie Bass is a breath of fresh air among his colleagues in Washington who favor big polluters over public health. In a bold move, Bass was one of a handful of House members who voted against the TRAIN Act in order to safeguard the vitality of the Clean Air Act...Bass's vote against repealing the longstanding clean air protections of the Clean Air Act assures every parent in our state that someone in Washington truly cares about the future of the children of New Hampshire.”

Katherine wrote, “The TRAIN Act is a sweeping anti-clean air bill that blocks many critical public health safeguards...Sadly, the House already voted to pass the TRAIN Act, but Congressman Charlie Bass voted against the pro-polluter bill...I want to thank Bass for representing his district, rather than polluters.”

Few things are as powerful as a letter in the newspaper showing support for the work I am doing both in New Hampshire and Washington. Please consider sending a letter to the newspapers in your area backing our fight against big government and big spending.

If you need assistance with how best to submit your letter, please don’t hesitate to contact Brad Blais at and he will be happy to help.


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