CEI Daily - Higher Education, Population Growth, and a Regulation Roundup

Higher Education


President Obama seems to believe that investing in higher education will boost the economy.


Senior Counsel Hans Bader comments.


"South Korea got a higher percentage of its young people to go to college than the U.S. But it backfired. [...] The Obama administration wants to increase the percentage of youngsters going to college in the U.S., based on the theory that this will somehow result in more skilled jobs, but Korea’s experience shows that 'the idea that supply creates its own demand with regard to education is mistaken.'"


Population Growth


The United Nations estimates that the world' seventh billion human will be born around this Halloween.


Warren Brookes Fellow Matt Patterson comments.


"It’s quite a milestone. And on the face of it, would seem to indicate homo sapiens is a stunningly successful species with a deep and healthy breeding population, portending perpetuation of our kind for a long time to come. That’s good news, right? Well, not if you are a self-loathing homo sapien, a curious creature whose natural habitat is restricted to the jungles of academia, Hollywood, and The View.  For these lefties, we are the problem — the more we, the bigger the problem."



Regulatory Roundup


Fellow in Regulatory Studies Ryan Young presents another "Regulation Roundup."


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