CEI Daily - Eminent Domain and Plastic Bag Bans

Eminent Domain


Mississippi voters have elected to limit eminent domain condemnations in order to prevent takings like that in the Kelo case.


Policy Analyst Marc Scribner comments.


"This is a huge step forward in protecting the rights of Mississippi property owners, although George Mason University law professor Ilya Somin explains why it isn’t perfect (note the above exceptions). Governor Barbour has long opposed enhancing property rights protections on the grounds that eminent domain condemnations for private benefit are necessary to promote economic growth. Reason magazine’s Damon Root wrote about crony capitalist Barbour’s veto of reform legislation in 2009."




Plastic Bag Bans


More and more cities are choosing to ban plastic bags.


Senior Fellow Angela Logomasini comments.


"In reality, bans never promote innovation or growth-they do the opposite. Bans destroy the investment, productivity, and creativity of those who invent and develop products, and they divert resources from useful enterprises in order to find alternative products, which are usually inferior to those they replace. Accordingly, lawmakers should never ban products for arbitrary or political reasons. They should have clear and convincing evidence that such bans are the only means for protecting the public-a situation that rarely exists. It is obvious to see that plastics industry workers can lose jobs as markets shift to supposedly 'environmentally better' products, and consumers lose convenience from such bans. Less obvious is the fact that these anti-plastics policies are not the slam-dunk for Mother Nature that supporters claim."