NH GOP - Shaheen's Hypocrisy Reaches New Low


Just when you think you've heard it all, Washington Democrats keep on surprising us!  This time it's Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

At a Democrat Party fundraiser this week, Shaheen took hypocrisy to a new low.  She joked that I'm originally from Massachusetts and that the dinner's guest, Governor Deval Patrick, should take me back to the Bay State.

Jeanne's only kidding herself.  It's her record that belongs in Massachusetts!  According to the Washington Post, her voting record is almost identical to Senator John Kerry's.  If that wasn't enough, Shaheen must forget that she's from Missouri and attended school in Pennsylvania and Mississippi.  

Just as a I told the media this week: 
“We will continue to bring fiscal responsibility to Concord, even as [Shaheen] continues to work to bankrupt the federal budget in Congress."  

She's on the ballot in 2014, but we already know that New Hampshire doesn't want a rubber-stamp who votes like John Kerry.  Help us send a message to Jeanne Shaheen by donating $50, $25 or $10 now!

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Bill O'Brien
N.H. House Speaker

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