"We the People" Founder Jennifer Horn Calls on Governor Lynch to Attend the Special House Session on Education Funding

Nashua, NH- We the People founder Jennifer Horn released the following statement, calling on Governor John Lynch to address the special House Session on his Education Funding Amendment. 

“Speaker Bill O’Brien has offered Governor Lynch the opportunity to make his case for his proposed Education Funding Amendment to the House of Representatives.  It is unfortunate that Governor Lynch has declined the invitation opting to address it during his State of the State in January.  Education funding is a major problem affecting every New Hampshire community and deserves to be a top priority not just a part of a political speech. Governor Lynch, after 7 years in office, it is time to put a definitive end to the education funding crisis and to face the public on this unresolved matter. Openness and transparency are the qualities of a free government and we must demand it from our leaders. “

For more information go to: www.wethepeoplefreedomforum.org