AFP - Exposed: Obama's Green Jobs Scam

Do you need any outrageously overpriced solar panels today?

Because President Obama seems to think you and I need a lot of them—and that’s why he steered a whopping $535 million dollars in taxpayer money to Solyndra, a so-called “green jobs” factory.  

But it really was a favor factory run by some of Obama’s biggest financial supporters.

This past September, just months after President Obama called them the “true engine of economic growth,” Solyndra closed its doors, put thousands of people out of work, and left you and me stuck with the bill for $535 million dollars.

Of course, President Obama and the liberal mainstream media are doing their best to keep this story from reaching the American people—to the point that Congress actually had to subpoena President Obama last week, just to find out what actually happened to our taxpayer dollars.

Here’s what President Obama doesn’t want anyone to know:

  • He wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to subsidize a failing company owned by one of his biggest financial supporters,
  • He knew Solyndra was nearly bankrupt—and decided to dump even more of our money down the drain in a failed attempt to keep them afloat,
  • He now plans to spend another billion dollars to subsidize more “green technology” products that the American people don’t want or need.

And that’s exactly why AFP just launched a massive new national TV ad campaign to expose the truth behind Obama’s Solyndra mess.

You can view this ad, “Obama’s Green Giveaway,” by clicking here:

AFP must raise $50,000 to keep this ad on TV and reach the American people with the information they have a right to know. How their tax dollars are being wasted. That Obama wants to push another billion dollars in dead-end subsidies and stick you and me with the bill.

And we’re counting on the help of true AFP activists like you to help us make the difference.

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Rather than working to fix our critical jobs and economic problems, President Obama chose to waste over a half-billion of our taxpayer dollars on useless “green technology.”

And instead of helping put Americans back to work, or reduce our out-of-control federal deficit, President Obama chose to use our money to bail out his biggest financial supporters’ failing solar panel company.

The American people deserve better— they deserve to know about what’s going on. And the waste and out of control spending must stop.

By helping air AFP’s “Obama’s Green Giveaway” TV ad in as many cities as possible, we can help expose the truth to tens of millions of Americans about what happened with Solyndra and alert them about President Obama’s plan to dump billions more of taxpayer dollars down the drain, all to further dead end “green jobs”.

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JP DeGance, AFP

P.S. President Obama wasted $535 million dollars in taxpayer dollars on Solyndra to reward his biggest financial supporters and subsidize dead end “green jobs” at a time when millions of Americans don’t have real jobs. Please help AFP stop him by keeping our new TV ad campaign on the air. Click here to donate $25, $50, $100 or more by clicking here.