Roemer Campaign Releases New Web Ad – “America, Listen to Them”

Manchester, NH Independent-minded Presidential Candidate Buddy Roemer today released a new web video entitled “America, Listen to Them.”

"Money in politics has created institutional corruption. Both parties are guilty of taking the big check and are bought by Wall Street. My campaign is the only one that speaks out against this and I look forward to the day lobbyists are not allowed to donate to campaigns. Wall Street grew to be a source of capital for growing companies. It has become something else: A facilitator for greed and for the selling of American jobs. Enough already!" -Governor Buddy Roemer

Web Video – “America, Listen to Them”
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Announcers: "The Occupy Wall Street movement spread to at least 85 countries in six continents today, demonstrating against what they call corporate greed. Republican presidential candidate Buddy Roemer is throwing his support behind the Occupuy Wall Street movement."

Buddy Roemer: “Washington is owned by the Special Interests and the big corporations. Somebody ought to call them on it, and these people have called them on it. Enough already. Listen to Occupy Wall Street – you know what they’re saying? No one went to jail after trillions were taken from the taxpayers. We have billion dollar companies that don’t pay a penny in taxes. It’s not right. The money has bought our politicians, and we ought to take our government back. I remember the Vietnam protests when I was in college. I remember the Civil Rights protests when I was a young man – they changed America. This country is great, but it’s in trouble. Why is that? The power of big money and its corrupting influence on politics is the issue of this campaign. In their campaign, you don’t matter – the big checks do. In my campaign, I don’t take big checks – you’re everything.”

On screen:

Meet the candidate the 1% doesn’t want you to know about.

No special interests.

No PAC money.

$100 donation limit.

Buddy Roemer: “Join with us – we will change America.”

On screen:

I hope the people on Wall Street pay attention to the folks on Main Street. If they do, they will see there is a rising tide of confidence in the future of America.” – Ronald Reagan