NH House to Invite National Pension Reform Leader to Present Overhaul Options

CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien and Special Committee on Public Employee Pension Reform Chairman Ken Hawkins offered the following statements regarding the presentation by Utah State Senator Daniel Liljenquist to Hawkins’ committee and others on Utah’s pension reform efforts.  Sen. Liljenquist led efforts to transform his state’s public pension program from a defined benefit model to a defined contribution plan.  He will offer a presentation to New Hampshire legislators on Tuesday, November 29.

House Speaker William O’Brien

“Senator Liljenquist is a nationally recognized leader for his ability to transform Utah’s retirement system to one that is stable, affordable and provides workers with more flexibility.  We are thrilled to have him here to share his experience and give us advice as we look at ways of doing the same for New Hampshire.  We need a retirement system that protects both taxpayers and workers, while continuing our commitment to our retirees, and this will be an opportunity to get ideas from someone who has already done that for his state.”

Special Committee on Public Employee Pension Reform Chairman Ken Hawkins

“We welcome Senator Liljenquist sharing his experience in Utah on how they accomplished stabilizing their retirement system. We have been working for many years to pass comprehensive reforms to fix an unfunded system here in New Hampshire. Hopefully Senator Liljenquist’s insight can guide us down the right road to ensure that the retirement system works for retirees, employees, future employees, and the people of New Hampshire.”