NH Republicans Hosting a Climate Conference? Really.

Warmer temperatures, rising sea levels, severe storms - all caused by man-made (and avoidable) carbon dioxide emissions - are having a dramatic effect on New Hampshire's Seacoast, its environment, its economy and the health of its residents. 


Everyone is at risk from climate disruption.

Democrats. Republicans. Independents. Everyone. 


That's why the New Hampshire Carbon Action Alliance and enlightened New Hampshire Republicans -- that's right, REPUBLICANS --  are co-sponoring a day-long conference, Climate Change & New Hampshire's Seacoast, on Thursday, November 17, at the Portsmouth Harbor Events & Conference Center in downtown Portsmouth.


The goal of the conference is to explain why climate change is a continuing threat to the well-being of the Seacoast region. 


Ten speakers -- scientists, academics, businesspeople and one (Republican) politician -- share their research on how climate change is affecting New Hampshire and ideas about what we can do about it. (See complete program below).


Presentations at the conference are evidence-basedscience-driven, and non-confrontational.


Media: click here for free registration.

Republicans want solutions, too. Really.

For more than a century, Republicans have been leaders in fostering the protection of our environment and our natural resources. 
Republicans have helped preserve public lands, wildlife, wilderness, and wetlands. Republicans have helped to keep our air clean and our water safe.
Teddy Roosevelt helped protect our national parks, forests, wildlife refuges, wild lands and waters for posterity. Another Republican president signed the Clean Air Act, the Endangered Species Act, the National Environmental Policy Act and created the Environmental Protection Agency.
For decades, responsible Republicans have supported and extended these landmark measures.
Should climate change legislation and the regulation of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases be treated differently?


Listen to how one courageous Republican -- former Congressman Bob Inglis of South Carolina -- suggests how Republicans can help solve our nation's energy and climate problems and foster prosperity, too.


Congressman Inglis' luncheon speech is being sponsored by:


 Conservation is Conservative 


Climate Change & New Hampshire's Seacoast

Thursday, November 17 - 8:30 - 5:00

Portsmouth Harbor Events & Conference Center

(Downtown Portsmouth, NH, next to Marriott Residence Inn)




8:45 - Why are hurricanes becoming more powerful,

           more destructive? Should the Seacoast be concerned?

           Kerry Emanuel, Ph.D, Director, Program in Atmospheres, Oceans

           &   Climate, Massachusetts Inst. of Technology.

*     *     *

9:30 - Why are storms becoming more intense in New England?

           Ellen Douglas, P.E., P.G., Ph.D, Environmental, Earth and Ocean

           Sciences Program, Univ. of Massachusetts, Boston.

*     *     *

10:30 - How climate change is impacting the Great Bay

            and its estuaries.

            Fred Short, Ph.D, Jackson Estuarine Laboratory,

            University of New Hampshire.

*     *     *

11:15 - Why are allergies and asthma getting worse along

             the Seacoast? A clinician's perspective.

             Mark Windt, MD, Center for Asthma, Allergy & Respiratory

             Disease, North Hampton, NH.

*     *     *

Noon - Is There a Free Enterprise Fix to Energy and Climate?

           Former Republican Congressman Bob Inglis, South Carolina.

*     *     *

1:00 - Why are New Hampshire's sugar maples in trouble?

           Martha Carlson, Sandwich, NH. Maple Syrup Producer, Forest

           Watch & University of New Hampshire (Ph.D candidate).

*     *     * 

1:30Is the Seacoast prepared for heavy rains & flooding?

          Bob Roseen, P.E, Ph.D, Director, Stormwater Center,

          University of New Hampshire.

*    *     *

2:00 - The Partisan Divide on Consensus:

           Climate Views from a New National Survey.

           Prof Larry Hamilton, Carsey Institute, Univ. of New Hampshire.  

*     *     *

3:00 - New Jobs - Cleaner Air.

           Anne Kelly, CERES, Boston, MA.  

*     *     *

3:30 - New Hampshire: Birthplace of the modern wind farm.

           Farrell Seiler, Chairman, New Hampshire Carbon Action Alliance.

 *    *     *

4:00 - New Hampshire Climate Town Hall

           Governors Mitt Romney (Invited) & John Huntsman (Invited)


Thursday - November 17 - 8:30 - 5 PM
Portsmouth Harbor Conference & Events Center
100 Deer Street, Portsmouth New Hampshire
(Downtown Portsmouth, NH, next to Marriott Residence Inn)

For complete conference program, click here.



The New Hampshire Carbon Action Alliance is a grassroots organization committed to reducing the impacts of climate change by eliminating greenhouse gas emissions at their source. The Alliance believes that our nation's energy needs can be met by developing energy efficiency, by reducing energy demand and by stimulating the rapid deployment of clean, green, and renewable energy sources.

New Hampshire Republicans for Climate is a grassroots group of enlightened Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents who acknowledge the scientific basis of global warming.

NHRC supports vigorous government regulation of polluters and innovative free market solutions to energy, economic and environmental challenges posed by the unregulated emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.