WTAS: Gov. Huntsman's Momentum In 2012 Campaign

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele: “The reality for Huntsman is Huntsman is where the American people are. Period. End of story.” (MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” 11/14/11)

The Washington Post: “Things in the country are bad. No, terrible. And only former Utah governor Jon Huntsman can fix them. That’s the message in the first ad from Our Destiny PAC — a so-called super PAC supporting Huntsman — that will begin running in New Hampshire on Tuesday.” (Chris Cillizza, “Jon Huntsman Super PAC Launches N.H. Ads,” The Washington Post’s “The Fix” Blog, 11/14/11)

NBC News: “A Super PAC supporting Jon Huntsman's presidential candidacy, Our Destiny PAC, is airing a 60-second TV ad in New Hampshire (on broadcast and cable) to help Huntsman in the Granite State. The ad concludes with an elderly man looking into the camera and saying: ‘Why haven't we heard of this guy?’” (Mark Murray and Jo Ling Kent, “‘Why Haven't We Heard Of This Guy?’,” NBC News’ “First Read” Blog, 11/14/11)

Concord Monitor: “Our Destiny PAC's first Huntsman ad is pretty intense” (Ben Leubsdorf Twitter Feed, twitter.com, 11/14/11)

Former GE CEO Jack Welch: “He [Huntsman] is so great … He’s going to emerge, in my opinion, it’s going to be between Romney and Huntsman in the end.” (CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” 11/11/11)

National Journal: “Huntsman Super PAC going up on broadcast and cable in NH. ‘Why haven't we hard of this guy?’ voter asks in kicker.” (Beth Reinhard Twitter Feed, twitter.com, 11/14/11)

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough: “There is no doubt he is head and shoulders above all the other candidates on policy and on leadership. There’s no doubt.” (MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” 11/14/11)

Talking Points Memo: “A Super-PAC supporting Jon Huntsman has a new TV ad, set to run in New Hampshire starting Tuesday, that asks a key question for Republican primary voters: How come we haven’t heard of Jon Huntsman?” (Eric Kleefeld, “Pro-Huntsman Super-PAC Ad: ‘Why Haven’t We Heard Of This Guy?’,” Talking Points Memo’s “TPM2012” Blog, 11/14/11)

The Associated Press: “The minute-long ad by the Our Destiny political action committee is scheduled to begin airing Tuesday. It highlights Huntsman's two terms as governor, three tours as a U.S. ambassador and record as the nation's top job-creating governor.” (Philip Eliott, “Huntsman Super PAC Going On Air In New Hampshire,” The Associated Press, 11/14/11)

Human Events: “Gritty. … Here is the Huntsman SuperPac spot.” (Tony Lee Twitter Feed, twitter.com, 11/14/11)

  • Human Events: “[I]f voters are willing to put aside ideological and rhetorical purity in favor of electability, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman may be the candidate who is more conservative and electable than Romney, and he should be discussed as the anti-Romney challenger from the ‘electability’ wing of the Republican party.” (Tony Lee, “Jon Huntsman: The Anti-Romney From The Electability Wing Of The GOP,” Human Events’ “The Chase 2012” Blog, 11/5/11)

Politico Headline: “Erick Erickson Gives Jon Huntsman Second Look” (Tim Mak, “Erick Erickson Gives Jon Huntsman Second Look,” Politico, 11/8/11)

Miami Herald Headline: “If Cain Flames Out, Huntsman May Find Chance To Rise” (Marc Caputo, “If Cain Flames Out, Huntsman May Find Chance To Rise,” Miami Herald, 11/8/11)

Foreign Policy: “The only candidate to respond in a way that I found realistic was Huntsman, who blasted his colleagues with ‘sound-bite’ campaigning. I couldn't agree more.” (Michael Magan, “Someone Please Give These Candidates Some (Foreign) Assistance,” Foreign Policy’s “Shadow Government” Blog, 11/14/11)

Newsmax Headline: “Cain’s Fall Could Benefit Huntsman” (Andra Varin, “Cain’s Fall Could Benefit Huntsman,” Newsmax, 11/9/11)