Bettencourt response to Norelli press conference

The following statement was issued today by House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt in response to House Minority Leader Terie Norelli's criticism of House Republican Leadership during a press conference in Concord.

“It’s no surprise that the Democrats would be opposed to Republican efforts to keep our promises of reducing the cost of health care through the reduction of mandates, defending the Second  Amendment rights of our citizens, working to block ObamaCare, and improving New Hampshire’s economy.  Under the leadership of Rep. Norelli, the Democrats were busy the previous  four years driving up the costs of health care, attempting to disarm law abiding citizens and working to bring the disastrous, radical government takeover of health care to New Hampshire.  While they spent their time in the Majority raising over 100 job-killing taxes and fees and adding crushing new regulations, Republicans are working to give our private sector employers the confidence to add new workers through tax and fee reductions and regulatory relief.  The difference could not be clearer and the public should not be fooled by the latest efforts by Democrats to distract the public from our successful efforts to address their failures.”