Cornerstone on NH Journal report re out-of-state funds for same-sex-marriage effort

CONCORD - Today, Cornerstone Action's Legislative Affairs Director, Ellen Kolb, released the following statement in response to newly released documents showing that New Hampshire's pro-same-sex marriage effort was scripted and funded by national activists with no ties to the Granite State:

Today’s public release of these documents underscores the lengths to which national activists have gone to enact their agenda,” said Kolb.  "This news can only help encourage our legislators to repeal the same-sex marriage law, which looks more than ever like an experiment funded by out-of-state special interests with no long-term concern for the people of New Hampshire.”

Kolb added, “Not a single New Hampshire resident signed this organizing document and that's all we need to know about this group. They're free to try to push their agenda. New Hampshire voters, given the chance, will push back.

To read today's New Hampshire Journal report, click HERE.