AFPNH - Will you Stand Up for Right to Work against the Unions?


I am writing to thank you for your efforts last week and to let you know there is more that you can do!

First, I invite you to be part of an historic rally and reception at the Statehouse in Concord on Wednesday, November 30 at 9:00 AM 

This MIGHT BE the date of the Right-To-Work veto override vote in the House. Therefore, we need every conservative in the state to come out in an effort to match the large number of union members from across New Hampshire and other states who will be paid to be present in an attempt to intimidate members of the House and influence any possible override vote.

We will meet in the Cafeteria in the Basement of the Statehouse for FREE Food and Coffee.

In order to ensure an accurate attendance count for the reception and rally, please email Joy King to register for this historic event.

I am hopeful that if we join together, we can affect positive change for the workers of New Hampshire and override this veto. After all, just look at what we managed to accomplish last week in the final item below.

I hope to see you on November 30th at 9 AM at the Statehouse!

Second, President Obama is slated to return to New Hampshire next week for the first time since February, 2010. He will stop in Manchester on Tuesday afternoon to promote his jobs plan, the American Jobs Act. I hope you will join me next week in making sure the President knows we can’t afford another failed stimulus plan. We will pass along further details once they become available. 

Third, while the Massachusetts’ legislature sent their Governor a bill on expanding gambling in their state that he has indicated he is likely to sign, here in New Hampshire, Governor Lynch has already declared that he will veto any legalized gambling bill in our state.

I hope that our elected officials in Concord will take a more deliberative approach than Governor Lynch and reserve judgment on this important issue until after the bill is debated and finalized.

Finally, thank you to everyone who contacted their Executive Councilor last week regarding the attempted reappointment of Meredith Hatfield as the NH Consumer Advocate. I am pleased to say that because of your calls for a true Consumer Advocate who supports the ratepayers of our state rather than RGGI, Ms. Hatfield’s reappointment was voted down by the Executive Council.

This is a tremendous victory for New Hampshire ratepayers!

Please use the links below to read more about Ms. Hatfield’s vote as well as an op-ed piece that I wrote regarding last month’s power outages in the state.

Consumer advocate not renominated

PSNH - like its customers - was really in the dark

Thank you again for your efforts on this matter. We appreciate knowing when AFP-NH puts out a call-to-action, we have dedicated, passionate people like yourself who will do what they can to support lower taxes, less regulation and smaller government in our state.


Corey R. Lewandowski
State Director
Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire

P.S. If you cannot come to Concord on November 30, you can still support AFP and our efforts to, among other things, override the Right-To-Work veto. Please click here to make an online donation to our work.