CEI Weekly: New Study Urges Lawmakers to Reject "Green Chemistry"

Friday, November 18, 2011




Feature: CEI experts argue that "green chemistry" reforms are unnecessary and unreasonable.

FEATURED STORY: New Study Urges Lawmakers to Reject "Green Chemistry"


This week, CEI released a new study debunking claims by environmentalist groups about the risks of commonly-used chemicals. The study's authors, CEI Senior Fellow Angela Logomasini and Contributing Scholar Daniel J. Murphy, urge state regulators not to appease green lobbyists by forcing perfectly safe products off the shelves. CEI's press release on the study is available here. You can read the full study here





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November 17, 2011: Conflict Guitars


Conflict minerals are goods that come from sources that use the revenues to fund civil wars and other atrocities. CEI Founder and President Fred Smith talks about why restricting conflict mineral trade can mean more violence, not less. He also discusses why the Gibson guitar company was unjustly raided by the federal government for importing wood that may or may not have been illegally harvested by its suppliers.