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Things move fast in the world of politics, especially with the hottest presidential campaign going!  We missed one installment of the Daily Newt while we were updating our system to the new platform, so we have a lot of exciting news to catch you up on from the past two days!

First, we would like to thank all of you for the terrific feedback we’ve received about our new look!  You are the driving force behind the success of and the numbers we’re receiving have been amazing!  It’s clear that this site has been a hit with all of our volunteers, so thank you!

Now for the news…

On Wednesday I attended the monthly meeting of the Lakes Region Tea Party up in Moultonborough, NH, where I was asked to give a speech on what citizens can do to help their elected officials once they head off to the State House.  It was a great turnout and I was able to interact with a very lively and dialed-in crowd.  The best part, I’m happy to report, is that there was a straw poll held and Newt won overwhelmingly with 16 votes!  Ron Paul and Herman Cain tied for second with 5 votes apiece, while Romney took fourth earning 4 votes.  Bachmann, Santorum and ‘Undecided’ each took 1 vote apiece.  If Tea Partiers truly are the voice of America, then Newt’s message is certainly resonating with the people!

And building on this, the latest polling from Fox News has Newt in first place nationally, while the latest Rasmussen poll has Newt leading by double-digits in Iowa!

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Media Updates
Newt will be back in New Hampshire this coming Monday (11/21), so be sure to check back for a list of places where you can see him.


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