AFPNH - House Bill Prohibits State Income Tax!


I wanted to update you on several legislative issues in Concord.

First, a report was released earlier this week detailing the failure of the flawed cap-and-trade scheme known as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). As you know, AFP-NH strongly supports removing New Hampshire from this initiative and we will continue to work to ensure that New Hampshire ratepayers no longer have to carry the burden of this failed green scheme.

Second, last week the New Hampshire House Ways and Means Committee endorsed HB 593 by a vote of 14 to 7. This legislation would allow for the state controlled introduction of video lottery and table gaming in New Hampshire. The committee’s endorsement of HB 593 is an important first step towards policy that could bring increased jobs and revenue to our state while allowing for a reduction in business taxes.

The State House likely will vote on the legislation early next year. We will continue to monitor the bill’s progress and keep you informed.

Third, also last week, the House Ways and Means Committee approved CACR 13 by a vote of 15-5 which would prohibit an income tax in the state. This legislation also will likely be voted on next year by the House and Senate with the goal of placing it on the 2012 ballot for approval by the people of the Granite state. We will keep you posted on the status of this legislation as well.

Finally, as the countdown to January 10, 2012 begins, please review our Granite Gatherings Section for other events around the state you might want to attend.



Corey R. Lewandowski
State Director
Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire 

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